This may come as a shock, but a bunch of fan favorite celebrities have been kicked off of the TV shows or movies that they were starring in! Yep, that’s right, some of Hollywood’s biggest actors were fired from their roles over the years, and J-14 went ahead and uncovered the shocking reasons why.

Take Miley Cyrus, for example. She was actually supposed to star in the flick Hotel Transylvania, but got replaced by Selena Gomez after she was caught doing something pretty inappropriate. What about Jake Paul? He acted in the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark for a few episodes, before he was asked to leave the show due to some scandalous videos he had posted. Let’s not forget the time that Mitchel Musso was fired from the show Pair of Kings after he had a run-in with the law!

They’re not the only ones… Scroll through our gallery to uncover the shocking reasons why your favorite stars left or were fired from a movie or TV show.

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