You might think that it's all sunshine and roses when it comes to filming new projects but believe it or not, a lot of actors have faced rejection. While some have to deal with not getting the part, others, like Teo Halm and Mitchel Musso have dealt with getting fired from their movies and TV shows.

While Mitchel spent five years on Hannah Montana, he encountered some trouble on his Disney XD show, Pair of Kings. The actor played Brady alongside Doc Shaw's character, Boomer. (They were fraternal twins on the show.) However, Mitchel was written off the show after the second season because he was arrested for DUI. He was "replaced" with a new character, played by Adam Hicks. On the flip side, actor Teo Halm was totally written off of Girl Meets World. His character never even made it on air.

We can only imagine how tough that is, but here's hoping that they'll appear on our TV screens with brand new roles in the future! At least all of these TV shows weren't canceled entirely because of it — some series met that fate, unfortunately!

Click through the gallery to see the most shocking reasons why stars got fired from movies and TV shows.

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