Demi Lovato and her new boyfriend, MMA fighter Guilherme "Bomba" Vasconcelos are crazy in love.

The normally private couple confirmed to the world that they have taken a huge step in their relationship and in a very sly way confirmed that they are indeed head over heels in love with one another. This news comes after Guilherme shared a few pictures of his PDA packed Disneyland trip with the singer on Instagram and Snapchat just a few days ago.

Demi and her new beau has been pretty low-key about their relationship, especially since just last month the singer confirmed she was dating the MMA fighter on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

It only seems fitting that Demi and Guilherme are taking things slow when it comes to putting their relationship in the public eye, but could it be that the couple has taken another major step besides admitting their love for one another?

Fans surely think so, thanks to a picture the “Stone Cold,” singer shared on Snapchat where she’s wearing a diamond ring on that very special finger. Yes, we’re talking about the ring finger!

demi lovato ring snapchat

Although the ring in question doesn’t necessarily look like a typical engagement ring, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be one. Especially since these days, it’s pretty common to showcase individuality and personalize this kind of jewelry.

Neither Demi nor Guilherme have commented on whether or not the two are engaged or if the ring in question is actually some kind of promise ring as opposed to one that symbolizes a major commitment.

Though we wouldn’t be surprised if the two weren’t ready to be husband and wife yet. After all, it was just last week the “Heart Attack,” singer told ET Online, “I'm just having fun, you know? And my life is in a really good place right now.”

An engagement could be the farthest thing from Demi’s mind at the moment, but it’s clear as day that she’s happier than ever with her new guy.

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