Rewatching Disney Channel's Descendants, we can't help but fall in love with the characters' aesthetics all over again — especially their hairstyles. Sure, we always loved Disney princesses' hair growing up, but now that we're a little older, we've realized that it's the villains' who really deserve the major style points. Mal's long purple locks, whether she's rocking them with bangs or in waves, are iconic. And Evie's blue curls are simply gorgeous. We'd kill for Uma's long turquoise and green braids, even if we had to wear them under that pirate hat all of the time. And Carlos is bringing back frosted tips in a way that we just didn't think was really possible anymore after 2006.

Watching it, we had to ask ourselves — uh, why isn't the Descendants cast rocking their wigs all the time? If we had those, we'd be wearing them pretty much every single day of the week. And we bet we couldn't pull off that shade of magenta nearly as well as Dove Cameron can. But looking at their red carpet photos, wondering why they didn't just steal their wigs off the set and wear them everywhere they go, we had an idea. We could pull a Dizzy and give them Descendants-style makeovers ourselves. So we grabbed Photoshop and popped Mal, Evie, Uma, and Carlos' hairstyles right off their heads and onto Dove, Sofia Carson, China Anne McClain, and Cameron Boyce's bodies. After all, seeing them with their hair is pretty much the next best thing to confirming that Descendants 3 is happening. And, if we say so ourselves, they look pretty dang good. *Check out the cast rocking their Descendants hair IRL. *

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