Harry Styles fans are currently in mourning — and it’s all because of the “Watermelon Sugar” singer’s newest hair style. No, seriously — after a photo surfaced of what appeared to be the former One Direction member’s shaved head, fans have lost their collective minds (and so have we).

Keep reading for all the details, the photo, fan reaction and more.

Did Harry Styles Shave His Head?

It all began on November 6, 2023, after the singer-songwriter began trending on social media after gossip site DeuxMoi shared an image of the singer with a buzzcut, claiming he’d been spotted at U2’s Las Vegas concert sporting the new hairdo just one week prior.

Immediately, fans were skeptical as the photo is extremely distorted and blurry — but there is no denying the familiarity of the singer’s face in the pic.  However, after more (and clearer) photos came out from the night, it looks like the rumors are, in fact, true.

Rest in peace, Harry’s beautiful brunette locks.

Fan Reactions to Harry Styles’ Newly Shaved Head

Since the news of the rumored buzzcut hit, fans have reacted pretty hilariously. Some have made sad fan edits of the singer’s long locks on TikTok, while others are channeling their grief through social media post.

One fan on X joked, “harry styles but no hair to style,” while another wrote, “A moment of silence for Harry Styles’ curls.”

Other Harries are still pretty skeptical about the whole debacle.

“The moments we get a HQ picture of this I’ll believe it,” one fan wrote on X. “Until then I will go to my grave saying that ain’t Harry Styles.”

Hair aside, Harry is currently dating Canadian actress Taylor Russell. The pair were first romantically linked after they were spotted hanging out at an art gallery together in London in June 2023.

While neither Taylor not Harry have confirmed or denied the romance rumors, sources close to the stars have stated that they are enjoying their time together. “Their energies work really well together,” an insider told Us Weekly in August 2023. “They’re both really sweet people at their core,” adding that “Harry is always smiling when he’s with her.”

While the relationship is “still new,” the source added, “Harry is always smiling when he’s with her.”

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