Ever since the ladies from Fifth Harmony went their separate ways, we’ve been missing them together so much! But don’t worry guys, we might be seeing them reunite sooner than we thought! Well, two of them that is. Dinah Jane just revealed that she totally wants to do a duet with Lauren Jauregui, and we’re freaking out!

The singer dropped by Entertainment Tonight to talk about her new song “Bottled Up,” where she admitted that she and Lauren talk about a collab “all the time.”

“I think it would be cool to do something together,” she said. “Lauren and I talk about it all the time, so we’ll see what happens.”

Um, we are so here for this! Dinah also dished about how proud she was of Lauren’s new song, and it couldn’t have been sweeter.

“Lauren just dropped her song ‘Expectations,'” Dinah explained. “I actually heard it in a club and I was literally in awe. Like this girl is actually singing for her life, this is something she’s been bottling up, and she can finally showcase her talent.”

And as if that wasn’t cute enough, it turns out, the girls even play their new songs for each other before they’re released! Talk about friendship goals. When asked who the first person to hear “Bottled Up” was, the 21-year-old revealed that it was Lauren!

“We would always have an exchange of listening sessions,” Dinah explained. “She’s always pulling it out of me, she’s like, ‘I wanna hear, I wanna hear!’ But I’m like the type who’s like, ‘No, I don’t know if it’s ready. I don’t know if you’ll like it.’ And when she hears it she’s like, ‘I love it!’ I love how passionate she is and how excited she is, just genuinely as I am for her. It’s an exciting moment right now.”

Ugh, it’s such a relief to know that not only have they stayed super close after the band split up, but that they’re out there supporting each other’s new work. Dinah wants the world to know that there’s definitely no bad blood between any of the Fifth Harmony girls, since she admitted that the biggest misconception that fans might have of the band is “that we all hated each other.”

“It’s so funny because people don’t always know what you guys are going through,” she noted. “It’s something that we keep private. We were kind of all in that same headspace of wanting to go out and explore this new era for ourselves, just because we’ve committed six, seven years into being in a group when we could have consumed that time for ourselves.”

Fifth Harmony

And even though she loved being part of the band, Dinah definitely thinks it’s time for her to focus on her solo career. “Now’s the time to do that just because I actually know who I am,” she explained. “I’ve kind of found a love for a certain genre that I’m really into. And I’m kind of creating that path for myself. Being 21 [now], and being 15 at the time, it’s a huge jump.”

As much as we miss seeing Fifth Harmony together, we’re definitely loving all of the ladies new solo music! Here’s to hoping for a Lauren/Dinah collab soon!

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