While Fifth Harmony might have broken up, it doesn’t mean that the girls aren’t doing well for themselves! For instance, Dinah Jane dropped a self-titled EP in April 2019 and has an album on the way. Keep reading to see how much money she makes and her net worth details.

What Is Dinah Jane’s Net Worth?

Dinah is worth $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Fun fact: Dinah still lived with her parents in San Diego, California, while touring with Fifth Harmony.

“I would go on tour with the girls, and I really felt like I was living a double life,” she revealed to Teen Vogue in May 2023. “It was real because I’m over here like, ‘Oh gosh, everything is luxurious.’ Then I’d go back home and I’m sharing a room with my sisters.”

What Is Dinah Jane Up to After Fifth Harmony’s 2018 Split?

ICYMI, Fifth Harmony first announced an “indefinite hiatus” in early 2018, which many of the members used as an opportunity to launch separate solo music careers.

For her part, Dinah Jane released her own EP titled Dinah Jane 1 in April 2019. Following that, she told Teen Vogue that she spent the next few years away from the spotlight, since the COVID-19 pandemic left her in an unstable headspace as she lost several important people in her life, including her grandfather.

“When 2020 happened, [it was a] reset for me where I changed my ‘whys’ and who I do it for. It became more of, ‘I’m doing it for me,’” the singer began. “It’s been three years since I’ve dropped music and I’m glad that I didn’t during that time, because I was not ready. I was broken, I was running, I was shattered. I just didn’t know how to feel, but I liked it. I liked that I was feeling broken, I liked that I was feeling things. Because before, being so busy in the group and then going solo, I just kept going, kept going, kept going.”

However, she still expresses so much love to her former girl band, who first formed in 2012 during X-Factor.

“I miss them and I love them,” she told the outlet. “I love that we’re all finding ourselves and allowing that freedom for each other to just go do what we can and figure that out.”

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