Can you imagine how your favorite Disney Channel shows would’ve changed if the characters had totally different names? Like, what if Alex Russo was actually called Brooke O’Malley? Or what if Hannah Montana’s real name was Alexis Texas?

Another fun fact about Hannah Montana is that Miley Cyrus‘ character wasn’t even originally supposed to be named Miley Stewart! Billy Ray Cyrus couldn’t stop calling his daughter by her real name throughout filming, which led to showrunners switching the character’s name to Miley. We’re so glad they did!

There are so many more instances of our favorite childhood characters having last minute name changes — even Zendaya switched up her name for her role in K.C. Undercover! Before committing to the role, she said she had a few requirements, including revising the original title: Super Awesome Katy. “I was like, ‘The title is whack. That’s gonna change, ‘” the Disney alum revealed to MTV.

Another requirement the Dune actress had was about K.C.’s own personality and set of skills. “I wanted to make sure that she [K.C. Cooper] wasn’t good at singing or acting or dancing,” Zendaya continued.

“There are other things that a girl can be. … I want her to be martial arts–trained. I want her to be able to do everything that a guy can do. I want her to be just as smart as everybody else. I want her to be a brainiac. I want her to be able to think on her feet. But I also want her to be socially awkward, not a cool kid. I want her to be normal with an extraordinary life.” Right on!

It’s kind of hard to picture it, but believe it or not, many other characters were originally created with other surprising names in mind. Click through the gallery to see which Disney Channel characters originally had different names!

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