The Disney Channel might seem like a big place with hundreds of television shows, movies, and original movies spanned across multiple decades and millions of viewers. BUT, when fans think about how many Disney Channel stars dated each other, it all becomes very small.

For years, Disney stars have dated each other and then went on to date other celebrities who also appeared on the network. Sometimes they were co-stars in love and other times they found each other probably just from being around the same sets and studios week after week.

Everyone from Nick Jonas to Dylan Sprouse to David Henrie are all connected. It's almost like a crazy, complicated interconnected web with some of the biggest stars in the biz. We've decided to break it down for you. We've got all of the Disney Channel relationships mapped out and how everyone actually got their roots from Disney in some way.

Click through the gallery and check out the ultimate guide to Disney Channel stars who have dated each other!

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