Dixie D’Amelio has some amazing makeup-free moments! The TikTok star is a natural beauty and often shows her bare face off on Instagram and TikTok posts to her millions of followers.

She’s not the only one! Her sister, Charli D’Amelio, also knows how to rock a makeup-free moment. The two created their own sub-brand with Morphe called Morphe 2 in July 2020, in which they promoted looking beautiful with or without makeup.  “I want people to wear as little or as much as they want and feel confident,” Charli told Allure at the time. “With Morphe, we’re working together to show that you are beautiful, with or without makeup.”

“We don’t hide anything on TikTok, and this line feels very aligned with what we stand for,” Dixie shared with the beauty outlet. “We want to show that blemishes and acne are OK I love how natural, fun, glowy and fresh Morphe 2 is.”

The “Psycho” singer also shared her own positive experience with makeup. “When I wear makeup, I feel like I’m actually getting ready for the day. It’s a form of self-care and makes me feel like I’m doing something positive for myself.”

Dixie, who is also a successful singer-songwriter, talked about her music pursuits in a May 2022 interview with Nylon. “I’ve never felt as connected with my music as I do with this new stuff,” she explained. “I’ve been writing for two years, but I finally found a writer and producer who I could connect to, and we could sit and connect for hours.”

Her new album, WILD is out on June 10, which she says is very exciting yet nerve-wracking. “I feel like everyone’s first [album] is always scary and different, but I also think it shows a lot of growth from the beginning,” she said.

“There’s no one theme throughout, besides just being yourself and going through different things. There are breakup songs, but not specific breakup songs. They are situational. Nothing is for clout or attention because I’m trying to develop myself as a real artist. I think if I was like, ‘Oh, this is about my ex who you all know,’ it would take away from what I’m trying to do.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Dixie’s best no makeup moments.

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