From TikTok to music, Chase Hudson does it all! Otherwise known as Lil Huddy, the California native has made a major name for himself online — and an even bigger net worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chase’s estimated net worth is $3 million. But where does all the money come from?

Before becoming a TikTok star and former member of the Hype House, the “Don’t Freak Out” crooner was an up-and-coming internet personality. He got his start during the 2019 Lights Out tour where he and other influencers went on tour and met fans.

“When I was a kid, I had my life all planned out. I wanted to build rollercoasters,” he told I-D Magazine in April 2021 about his rise to fame. Obviously, things didn’t quite work out that way.

However, blowing up online during the age of coronavirus also wasn’t Chase’s plan.

“It doesn’t feel real to me in a way, because I’ve just been surrounded by numbers and stuck at home for such a long time,” he explained to the magazine. “I’m not able to meet the people that love and support my stuff, or to even live this so-called fame.”

Instead of harping on the negatives, the social media star turned to music. His debut single, “21st Century Vampire” was released in January 2021 with his debut album, Teenage Heartbreak, coming months later in September of that year.

“I really wanted to come in with a bang, and that’s like been the main goal from the beginning,” he said of the record while chatting with NME in May 2021. “Just like sprinkle little bits of different kinds of songs, just to, kind of, show them the range and variety that I’m going to be bringing.”

While his music has assisted with the resurgence of pop punk, all his tracks are rooted in truth. Especially “America’s Sweetheart,” which is about the aftermath of Chase’s past relationship with Charli D’Amelio (she also starred in the song’s music video).

“I just never got the chance to tell my stories when it came to love or any of that kind of stuff. I always kept that to myself, and that was just one thing I didn’t really want to tell anybody about,” Huddy told NME of the album. “But being able to write it all in the words and music is just very therapeutic to me.”

Other than music, Chase has tons of business ventures under his belt. Scroll through the gallery for a breakdown of his net worth. 

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