TikTok’s resident e-boy Chase Hudson, otherwise known as “Lil Huddy,” is gearing up to release his debut album, Teenage Heartbreak. The internet star kicked off his music career with single “21st Century Vampire” in January 2021, and it’s been nothing but success for the budding musician.

“I really wanted to come in with a bang, and that’s like been the main goal from the beginning. Just like sprinkle little bits of different kinds of songs, just to, kind of, show them the range and variety that I’m going to be bringing,” he told NME during a May 2021 interview. “Then hitting them with the full, like bang, which is gonna be the album in the summer.”

After releasing his first-ever single, Chase followed up with three more songs, “The Eulogy of You and Me, “America’s Sweetheart” and “Don’t Freak Out.” The first of the two, inspired the rest of his impending record.

“I wanted to write one song about all of the pain that I had gone through in a relationship, which was ‘The Eulogy of You and Me,’” Chase told NYLON in May 2021. “And then I was like, ‘Well, I wrote one song about it. Why don’t I tell the rest of the story?’”

Helping to tell the story was “America’s Sweetheart,” which was inspired by what Chase called “the worst night of my life,” in a TikTok caption. Accompanying the emo ballad was an emotional music video in which the California native cast his real-life ex-girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio, who the track is about.

“The only song I was really scared [to release] was ‘America’s Sweetheart,’ and that one’s out, so now I don’t give a s–t,” Chase told NYLON. “If I didn’t have Charli, it wouldn’t make sense. I couldn’t see anyone else playing the role for the music video.”

As for what’s next when it comes to his music career? He’s looking forward to taking the stage on tour and, of course, the album’s release.

“I just never got the chance to tell my stories when it came to love or any of that kind of stuff. I always kept that to myself, and that was just one thing I didn’t really want to tell anybody about,” Chase said of the record while talking with NME. “But being able to write it all in the words and music is just very therapeutic to me.”

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