When it comes to fashion, Chase Hudson is slaying the game! The TikTok star has a style like none other, and we have the pictures to prove it.

“I love sweatpants and a hoodie, but I [also] like dressing up and looking good,” Chase — also known as Lil Huddy — said in an interview with MTV from May 2020. “It’s something about putting a spin on your fashion and [taking] bits and pieces of inspiration and turning it into something that’s your own.”

When it comes to his style inspirations, Chase has a ton, but, specifically, he thinks “Harry Styles is a legend.”

Chase’s personal style shines through in his TikTok content, which has since gained him millions of followers. “I like looking cool. I like showing off my outfits and listening to dark music that goes along with it,” the internet-star-turned musician also told MTV.

Months after rising to fame, thanks to TikTok’s Hype House, and making headlines for his “e-boy” uniform, Chase gave fans a look inside his closet in a November 2020 YouTube video. As expected, the walk-in closet was full of both custom and high-fashion pieces along with Chase’s merchandise and signature band shirts. The “America’s Sweetheart” crooner also showed off the backpack he bought after selling $10,000 worth of merch and the jacket he purchased once reaching one million followers.

While answering the internet with Wired in April 2021, Chase revealed that he uses the app Grailed to shop and often finds his unique piece at flea markets.

In September 2020, fashion stylist Tabitha Sanchez chatted with Vogue about working alongside the internet sensation. “Chase knows exactly who he is and will send screenshots or videos by describing what he’s looking for,” she explained.

Chase, for his part, noted that he favors luxury brand Celine in the same interview. “Their varsity jackets are so comfortable. The jewelry is also pretty sick,” he told Vogue. “I’m the perfect height. Flat six foot. Tall. Lanky.”

While Chase has received some criticism from internet trolls about his fashion choices, the pop punk icon doesn’t let it bother him. In fact, he’s learned to embrace what sets him apart from others. “People would make fun of me for being skinny, being the Musical.ly kid, caring about my style,” he told the Los Angeles Times in March 2021. Now, Chase is posting Instagram pictures in fashion’s biggest brands, and looks great while doing it!

Scroll through our gallery to see all the pictures of Lil Huddy’s most iconic looks. 

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