Prepare yourselves, people, because there’s so much drama going down in the TikTok community at the moment. Yep, it all started on Monday, July 7, after fans started to wonder if something had gone down between Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson after the 16-year-old unfollowed her ex-boyfriend on Instagram. As it turned out, Charli not only unfollowed Chase, but Josh Richards‘ ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett, too.

But why, you ask? Well, in a since-deleted tweet, Chase claimed that he kissed Nessa while they were both single. Charli clapped back with her own reply, claiming that Chase showed up at her house after kissing Nessa. And after she dropped that bomb, pretty much everyone in both the Hype House and Sway House got involved and rallied behind her.

But the drama didn’t end there! Things continued to get messier when Chase decided to seemingly expose all his fellow TikTokers and their own past relationships. In a since-deleted tweet he wrote, “Since all my drama has to be put on the internet for the world to judge me, let’s lay out everyone else’s.” After a confrontation with the Sway House boys, things seemed to be all good until Nessa finally spoke out and revealed that, yes, her and Chase did kiss. Charli has since spoken out and tearfully addressed all the drama. Chase finally broke his silence about the entire feud and said, “everything’s good right now.”

Thanks to the TikTok Room Instagram account, there’s receipts and screenshots of literally every single moment of this feud and, honestly, we’ve been on the edge of our seats since it started. Looking for a full breakdown? J-14 has got you covered! Scroll through our gallery for all the tea on Chase Hudson, Charli D’Amelio and TikTok’s entire feud.

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