Don’t worry, guys, it looks like there’s there’s no more bad blood between Josh Richards and Chase Hudson! On Monday, June 15, the former Sway House member seemingly showed support for the Hype House star’s merch on Instagram.

“Get your Sway merch, link in bio,” the 18-year-old captioned a series of snaps that showed him wearing a “Huddy Gang” hoodie.

But that’s not all! According to screenshots obtained by the Instagram account TikTok Room, Chase also followed both Josh and Bryce Hall on the social media app.

For those who missed it, back in March, Josh and Bryce took to YouTube and uploaded a song called “Still Softish.” In the tune, he seemingly made reference to the fact that Chase was talking to other girls while saying he was with ex-girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio.

“This is to tell all of your fans you still be f**king with girls. Telling people Charli’s your world,” the song lyrics read.

Chase denied all the accusations at the time. Then, in April — after Charli and Chase announced that they had broken up — Bryce claimed that Chase treated Charli like “complete s**t” during their past relationship.

“Charli is so nice, and we thought the way that [Chase] was treating her was complete s**t,” Bryce told fans during a Skype video call that was screenrecorded and reposted to the TikTok Room Instagram account. “And she’s so young, so she doesn’t know what complete s**t really feels like. And I’m not trying to talk too much s**t on Chase, but he was not a good boyfriend.”

These accusations seemingly caused some bad blood between the two influencer groups, but it seemed like everything’s good with internet stars now. Especially since Bryce has recently been spotted hanging out with Hype House cofounder Thomas Petrou and filming some TikTok videos inside the squad’s new home with its members.

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