Get ready for a tour of Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler‘s new home. That’s right, in their most recent YouTube video, the former Sway House members gave fans an inside look at their apartment after moving out of the TikTok content house.

“We know this is what we’re supposed to do, we’re excited for the opportunities that are going to come, but this is weird,” Jaden said before the boys officially left the Sway House for the final time.

For those who missed it, fans were left pretty shook when the social media famous pair announced that they were officially moving out of the mansion to focus on their music career. But not to worry, even though they made the decision to leave, Josh and Jaden wants fans to know that there’s no bad blood between them and their former roommates.

Sway House Members React To Josh Richards And Jaden Hossler Moving Out Of The TikTok House

“These boys are our family. I want to stress that to you guys. We’re not leaving the boys to f**king say, like f**k you,” Josh explained. Jaden added, “This seems like kind of a bad situation, but it’s the opposite. The reason we’re following through with it is because it will be better for everyone in the long run. We’ve got to really put the work in and that’s what we want to do, so it’s real dude. This is our life and you’re going to see what happens after.”

As for where they’re living now, well, Josh and Jaden are both roommates, but instead of a house, they’re living in an apartment. According to the two boys, it’s actually really different than living in the Sway House. While showing viewers around their new place, the boys showed a dog, cereal and a microwave, which were apparently all things they didn’t have when living in the Sway House. But that’s not all! The boys are cooking now, too, and even have an office to conduct all their business.

We’re definitely looking forward to some epic content from their new place!

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