Just hours after news hit the web that TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler were arrested for drug possession, Jaden’s dad has broken his silence on the situation.

“Hey TikTok folks, thanks for all the prayers for Jaden. Not gonna share a lot of details right now but Jaden and the boys are going to be OK,” John Wilson Hossler Jr. wrote in the comment section on TikTok. “More later.”

His message was quickly screenshotted and reposted by the Instagram account TikTok Room.

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According to Us Weekly, Bryce and Jaden were both charged with possession of marijuana, less than 2 ounces, which is a misdemeanor. Jaden was also charged with possession of a controlled substance, less than 400 grams, which is a felony. The jail administrator for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the outlet that they both posted bail on Tuesday, May 26.

An alleged video of the arrest has also made its way around the web. The clip seemingly showed the two influencers (who are both members of the TikTok squad Sway House) getting pulled over by police and being detained. The boys were allegedly taking a road trip with some other members of the internet famous group at the time of their arrest.

Bryce Jaden

After being released, Bryce tweeted, “I’m back,” while Jaden posted a message that read, “Hi.” Both posts have since been taken down.

Some people have been tweeting that Bryce’s ex-girlfriend Addison Rae was the one to bail out the social media stars, although it’s unclear if this is true or not.

As fans know, Bryce and Addison dated briefly, but in January, the dancer revealed that the two were “better off as friends” during an interview with ET. But in April 2020, Bryce sent the internet into a frenzy when he claimed that he was “going to get back with Addison” during an Instagram live stream.

“There’s nothing going on, we’re just friends. We still talk,” he later explained during an interview with The Zach Sang Show. “I think people are definitely stretching for the relationship to be back together, but we’re definitely — I’m not going to say we’re going to date in the future and I’m not saying that we won’t, I’m just saying we’re feeling out everything right now and we’ll see what happens. But I think of her as a friend, I love her and she loves me… Not like that! I’m doing my thing and she’s doing hers and whatever happens, happens.”

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