It’s no secret that TikTok has been taking the world by storm lately, but along with the epic dance videos came content houses, too. That’s right, everyone knows about the 19-member squad called The Hype House, but what about The Sway House?! Yep, another group of influencers has stepped onto the scene recently, and apparently, they have a lot to say about the current drama between Thomas Petrou and Daisy Keech.

For those who missed it, it all started when Hype House member Daisy uploaded a 22-minute, tell-all video to YouTube on March 28 and slammed the influencer group. She claimed that she had been “disrespected, degraded and used” by fellow cofounders, Thomas and Chase Hudson, who allegedly pushed her out of all the decision making processes and never named her as one of the cofounders during interviews, despite the fact that she put down a large deposit on the Los Angeles-based mansion. A few days after her video went viral, Thomas uploaded his response and denied the accusations that the influencer made against him.

Now, Sway House members Josh Richards, Bryce Hall and Kio Cyr have made their own YouTube video reacting to the entire situation. In their typical sarcastic demeanor, the boys threw some major shade at Thomas. First, they slammed him for claiming that he worked for Daisy without pay for months until September 31, 2019 — which is not a date.

“Not only does he finesse all these kids, he actually finesse’s another day in the year, just to get paid a little more money. This guy’s a genius,” Josh quipped.

The trio also pointed out that Thomas shouldn’t have complained about not getting paid for taking Daisy’s pictures since she has 3.6 million Instagram followers and was giving him some major exposure online.

“There is a value in getting clout because then more people ask Thomas to do photos and then Thomas, therefore, makes more money,” Josh explained.

Then, after Thomas explained that the entire house unfollowed Daisy when she left, the Sway House boys dragged fellow TikTok star, Chase.

“Do you think Chase talked to them before he unfollowed all of us?” Josh asked. Bryce responded, “I think he had to talk with his team and discuss everything, all the pros and cons of the situation developing. Then, Thomas had to decide what was best for him.”

They also seemingly mocked a previous interview that the Hype House did where they repeatedly mentioned that in order to join, people had to be “good fit” and “connect” with all the members.

“Maybe we just weren’t on that vibe level or we didn’t fit in with them maybe,” Josh joked, before alluding to the money Daisy claimed she put down the Hype House. “If I put in $18,000 on the house, maybe I would have kept the follow, but maybe not because they unfollowed Daisy.”

Thomas or the Hype House have yet to respond to the video.

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