TikTok star Daisy Keech is telling her story. The 20-year-old uploaded a video to her YouTube channel on Saturday, March 28 and shared the real reason why she ultimately left the famous TikTok squad Hype House. As fans know, Daisy first started the group of 19 influencers with Thomas Petrou after they met at the Team 10 house and became close friends. Now, the internet star has revealed that there was actually a major feud going on behind-the-scenes.

Throughout her 22-minute video, Daisy explained that she, along with Thomas and third cofounder Chase Hudson, put down a large deposit to get the Los Angeles-based mansion. After they obtained the house, that’s when problems started to arise. The influencer explained to viewers that she started to get pushed out of the decision making process when it came to the Hype House members and that was almost never named as one of the cofounders during interviews.

“During the New York Times interview, Thomas and Chase just completely took over,” she explained. “I just kind of kept my mouth shut the entire interview. Didn’t try to take any recognition and just kind of left it to Thomas and Chase. Looking back I really wish I wouldn’t have done that.”

The blonde beauty claimed she had been “intimidated” by the men and didn’t stick up for herself at the time, but after the interview, she decided to confront Thomas and said he should have named all the cofounders instead of just himself and Chase. Daisy then explained that her conversation did nothing because in other press interviews, Thomas and Chase continued to take the credit. Eventually, she received a phone call from her lawyer who informed her that her two housemates had said Chase put down all the money on the house. Naturally, Daisy was upset because she claimed $18,000 of the initial deposit was her money.

“I can literally pull up receipts of me and Chase paying the same exact amount,” she said. “I think all of us deserve recognition, not just Thomas and Chase. I’m so disappointed and confused and I feel so lied to that they wouldn’t speak up and give credit to anyone that helped. Y’all didn’t start this on your own.”

After she confronted Thomas for a second time, Daisy alleged that he started to do “really sketchy s**t.” According to her video, he took away access to the email and social media accounts for the Hype House, the members had “no idea” what brand deals were coming and there was “no transparency.”

“We can’t ever have any group decisions, he somehow has authority over everything, he has that because he is the only one with access to all of the social media accounts and emails,” she said.

She claimed he turned down press opportunities for other members of the house and told them that he makes “all of the decisions around here.” Daisy said the turning point for her came after Thomas started making decisions about the house that she would be legally liable for, since her name was on the lease of the home. He also allegedly referred to her as “another hot Instagram model with a shelf life,” which he denied when Daisy confronted him.

After their confrontation, Daisy claimed that Thomas turned the entire Hype House against her and she said she felt “disrespected, degraded and used.” Before she ended her video, Daisy got real with her YouTube subscribers and revealed that, amid everything, she truly “forgives” Thomas and thanked the entire situation for teaching her so much about the business world.

Thomas nor Chase have responded to Daisy’s video.

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