Influencer Chase Hudson might be known for his confidence and epic dance moves on TikTok, but he wasn’t always this way. That’s right, on Tuesday, March 24, the 17-year-old took to Instagram and opened up to fans about the bullying that he suffered back in middle school.

“I’ve been body shamed ever since I was a little boy,” he admitted in a heartfelt Instagram caption. “I grew up hating everything about the way I looked. I was bullied and made fun of ever since I was in middle school for my physical appearance. I was told to eat, I was told that I looked like bones, or that I was a twig.”

He continued, “This message goes out to all of the people that struggle with body shame to let you know that you are not alone.”

Upon seeing his post, many of his 6.4 million followers took to the comments section and shared their own experiences with the internet star.

“I went through this as well in school. This is a [really] good message. No one should ever be made fun of for their appearance,” one person wrote. Another added, “People always bother me for being skinny they call me a tooth pick a branch or a twig its so annoying sometimes I just have to speak up.”

For those who forgot, Chase first rose to fame after he posted videos of himself lip-syncing on the short-from video sharing app. Now, he’s garnered over 17 million followers and even nabbed a role in Nickelodeon’s upcoming Henry Danger spinoff series Danger Force as a character named Creston. He, along with social media star Thomas Petrou, created the group “Hype House” — a squad of 19 influencers, which has been taking the internet by storm lately. He’s also made headlines for his rumored relationship with Charli D’Amelio.

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