TikTok stars Bryce Hall and Jaden Hossler have reportedly been arrested for drug possession.

According to Us Weekly, Bryce and Jaden were both charged with possession of marijuana, less than 2 ounces. Jaden was also charged with possession of a controlled substance, less than 400 grams, which is a felony. The jail administrator for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to the outlet that they both posted bail on Tuesday, May 26.

An alleged video of the arrest has also made its way around the web. The clip seemingly shows the two influencers (who are both members of the TikTok squad Sway House) getting pulled over by police and being detained. The boys were allegedly taking a road trip with some other members of the internet famous group at the time of their arrest.

After being released, Bryce tweeted, “I’m back,” while Jaden posted a message that read, “Hi.” Both posts have now been taken down.

As fans know, this comes just days after Bryce got into an online feud with Hype House founder Thomas Petrou. According to screenshots obtained by Instagram account TikTok Room, their beef started after Thomas compared his YouTube content to Bryce’s. The 21-year-old claimed his videos were “quality content,” while Bryce’s were “creating drama where it’s unnecessary.”

Upon seeing this, Bryce quickly clapped back in the comment section. The YouTuber wrote, “I mean, I guess copying David Dobrik is quality content nowadays. Gotta switch up my content.”

Bryce Hall Claps Back After Hype House's Thomas Petrou Slams His YouTube Channel

But that’s not all! The Sway House member also took to Twitter to call Thomas out.

“Why is the [Hype] House founder talking s**t on me right now? Kid… Worry about your ‘business’ that’s falling apart and find a way to suck the clout out of the only relevant [people] left in the house before they leave too,” the 20-year-old fired back.

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