Did the Sway House members just take one of their harmless pranks a little too far? In their most recent YouTube video, the TikTok influencer house decided to tease fellow member Bryce Hall with merch that his ex-girlfriend Addison Rae sent over. But instead of taking it as a joke, the social media star seemed to be pretty unhappy with the entire situation, even telling his friends to “f**k off.”

To kick off the five-minute vlog, the squad showed off their new clothes before explaining to fans that they were going to walk into Bryce’s room and see how he reacted to them wearing Addison’s merch.

Bryce Hall Upset After Sway House Members Wear Ex Addison Rae's Merch As A Prank

“Oh, nice merch,” the 20-year-old said. He then added, “How did you want me to react to that? I heard you literally screaming, ‘ADDISON SENT US MERCH’ literally in the room right next door.”

Josh Richards responded, “Yeah. How does that make you feel?”

“I don’t know,” he shot back. “Every time Addison is mentioned, I somehow have to be in a clip. F** off! Get away! Get away from me.”

He then clapped his hands at the guys and yelled, “Such a good bit! F**k you guys!”

For those who don’t know, ever since they first rose to popularity on TikTok, fans have speculated that Bryce and Addison were dating. In January 2020, the Hype House member set the record straight about her relationship with the Sway House co-founder, and she revealed that the two were “better off as friends” during an interview with ET. But recently, it seemed like Bryce wanted to bring their relationship to the next level, once again!

In April, the influencer ramped up relationship rumors between himself and the brunette beauty after he claimed that he was “going to get back with Addison” during an Instagram live stream. Naturally, fans were shook by his admission, and quickly screen recorded his statement. The clip was then reposted to the TikTok Room Instagram account, where it ultimately went viral. Although he fueled rumors with his bold statement, Bryce has since set the record straight and, sorry TikTok fans, but it looks like they really aren’t anything more than friends.

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