TikTok star Josh Richards has penned a meaningful apology to fans. On Sunday, June 7, the 18-year-old released a lengthy statement in which he explained how he plans to use his major platform for good going forward, following a semi-controversial past.

“Recently, I took the much-needed time to self-reflect,” the social media star explained. “When I concluded my self-reflection, I knew — from that moment onward — I needed to make concrete changes on the constant quest to bettering myself. I was trying to have fun and live by my motto, ‘Buddy’s Hard.’ This is a phrase that to me and my supporters means inclusivity to all and that we are all one big family. It’s why I used the word ‘buddy,’ and made it the focal phrase of my merchandising line. My friends, my fans, and I are all devoted to loyalty, inclusion, working hard, and playing hard. However, I often played too hard and didn’t act in the spirit of my own moral compass.”

He continued, “I would like to apologize to everyone: my supporters, my Sway House family, my team, and my community. I let the fame get to me; I allowed the LA partying lifestyle to consume me; and I lost my way for a bit. I forgot why I was here.”

As fans know, this came just a few months after Josh issued an apology after he received major backlash for pulling down his pants during an Instagram Live, accidentally flashing the entire stream’s audience. On April 28, he apologized to his thousands of fans, and he then later acknowledged the entire situation in a YouTube video.

“I want to apologize about what happened yesterday during the live. I have a responsibility because of followers I’ve been blessed with. Last night, I took advantage of that. I’m going to try to think harder before I act,” Josh wrote on Twitter. “It was never my intention to have leaked what got shown, but I made that mistake and understand the consequences.”

Now, Josh said in the recently released statement, that he plans to “make a difference in people’s lives.” He also wants to “promote positivity, to do good, and to be a role model.”

He concluded, “Thanks to all my fans and followers for helping me be better and do better. I am hopeful you will all be here to help me be a catalyst for the change we all wish to see in this world. The human race is not known for its perfection — we all mess up –but what is distinct about human resolve is our ability to get back up and not let our mistakes define us. I failed you. I own that. However, I make this promise to you all: I am back up.”

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