For those who missed it, rumors first started swirling that dynamic sister duo Charli and Dixie D’Amelio left TikTok’s Hype House back in early April. Now, fan are seriously convinced that these two influencers have officially said goodbye to the 19-member house that’s been taking the world by storm lately.

This most recent speculation came after the house’s TikTok account posted a new video, which included all the group’s members except Charli and Dixie. According to a video captured by the Instagram account TikTok Room, fans were quick to flood the comments section with questions about why the girls weren’t featured.

Prior to this batch of rumors, an alleged Instagram DM from a fan sent to the TikTok Room account showed that the Hype House Instagram has seemingly not posted any content from Charli and Dixie in a few weeks.

“The Hype House posts [Instagram Stories] every single time that one of their members posts a photo,” the alleged message read. “Like they repost [the] photo in their [Instagram Stories]. They haven’t [posted] Charli and Dixie’s photo in their [Instagram] Stories for two, three weeks now.”

Naturally, fans started to investigate further and found that the last photo including the sisters was actually posted months ago. Previously, they were featured regularly on the house’s social media accounts.

Although nothing has been confirmed as of now, some people believe that the girls’ departure was a result of Charli’s split from fellow Hype House member Chase Hudson. As fans know, on April 14, 2020, the TikTok-famous couple took to Instagram Stories and confirmed that they had broken up. The news of their split came a few days after fans speculated that the teens had gone their separate ways after Josh Richards dropped a diss track, which allegedly accused Chase of cheating on Charli. Following the song’s release, the brunette beauty fueled speculation that she and Chase were done when she retweeted two posts from an account called @BreakUpQuotes. Naturally, her followers were quick to assume that the cryptic messages were directed toward her former flame.

Other social media users are convinced that the sisters are gearing up to leave after the Thomas Petrou and Daisy Keech drama. For those who don’t know, earlier this month, Daisy uploaded uploaded a tell-all video and slammed the Hype House, claiming that she had been “disrespected, degraded and used” by Thomas and Chase, who allegedly pushed her out of all the decision making processes and never named her as one of the cofounders, despite the fact that she put down a large deposit on the Los Angeles-based mansion. After her video went viral, Thomas responded and denied all of her claims.

Neither Charli nor Dixie has confirmed or denied their departure from the Hype House.

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