Dixie D’Amelio just shocked fans everywhere with a jaw-dropping hair transformation — she shaved off her hair! That’s right — Dixie now rocks a shaved head reminiscent of a ’90s rockstar and we’re kind of obsessed.

Did Dixie D’Amelio Just Shave Her Head?

The TikToker revealed the hair change after posting a video the process on her YouTube channel on September 9, 2022. “I’ve been sad recently, but I don’t want to say anything because I don’t want anyone think I’m having a mental breakdown,” Dixie revealed. “I’ve been wanting to do this since sixth grade,” she said of the cut. “Everyone I’ve told is like ‘Oh, that’s gonna be dope,’ and if someone doesn’t like it then like, who cares? It grows back.”

“I Just want to restart, I want to make it a moment,” Dixie explained prior to the cut. “I have dark eyes, dark eyebrows and dark lashes, I feel like it’ll be fine.” She also added that she just wants to be “a cool girl.”

Dixie posted the look on her Instagram a day later and fans had mixed reactions. “She totally has the face and body for that hairstyle, she totally pulls it off and looks really f–king good,” said one YouTube commenter.

One fan tweeted, ‘You have to have a top tier face to pull off a shaved head as anyone, but for women it’s even harder so moral of the story dixie d’amelio is queenie. she looks soo good.” Another wrote, “Look i’ll just say it, dixie d’amelio rocks that shaved head.”

 The “Be Happy” singer previously talked about her “rebellious” streak when it comes to styling her hair in an interview for Harper’s BAZAAR‘s June/July 2022 issue.

When asked what has been the most rebellious thing she’s done, she said, “Probably dye my hair blonde. My mom said it was a really awful idea, because I have very dark hair, and it fried my hair, the consequences of which I have to deal with to this day. I wanted to go silver; it turned orange immediately, and it was just all downhill. I wanted to do it all in one day, and that was my problem.”

Scroll through our gallery to see photos of Dixie’s new shaved hair look!

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