After five seasons, The Originals came to a heartbreakingly beautiful ending last night. As the spin-off series of The Vampire Diaries, you didn’t expect anything less though, right? SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched the finale yet but in the last episode of the series, Klaus Mikaelson decides to sacrifice himself in order to save those he loves the most. Then, plot twist, his brother Elijah decides he will die along with Klaus, too. Truly an ending scene that brought on all the tears. What really had shippers hearts in a frenzy though was that fact that part of Klaus’ final day was spent not only with his daughter Hope and the rest of his family, but with Caroline.

Caroline and Klaus’ relationship is one that always brought out his softer side and while they never truly were an item, they always had this strong connection and pure-hearted love for each other that was undeniable. Obviously, they don’t ride off into the sunset together since Klaus didn’t survive the series, but according to Julie Plec, the showrunner of both The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, this wasn’t the ending she first had in mind for the ship.

“Early on if you would’ve asked me, ‘Where does Klaus go when this is all over?’ I’d say, ‘He goes to Paris with Caroline Forbes,” Julie said to Entertainment Weekly.

UMM, CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE? He seriously would’ve been so happy. But as any TVD fan knows, Caroline found her happy ending with Stefan Salvatore, who she married. Stefan, like Klaus, made a heartwrenching choice to sacrifice himself too in order to save his brother Damon and everyone in Mystic Falls. But regardless of the fact that the romance was cut short, Caroline and Stefan were endgame. Like, seriously there were so in love and the fact that they didn’t get forever together — since they’re both vampires — is still so heartbreaking to think about.

stefan and caroline
The CW

And as Julie explained, Caroline and Stefan’s eternal love story is part of the reason why Klaroline didn’t end up together.

“This is the right way to have honored Stefan. Because once Caroline and Stefan found love and got married and she lost him, it never really felt right to have Caroline move past Stefan’s memory to go travel the world for all eternity with Klaus Mikaelson, as much as they have a connection and a powerful bond. I really felt like Stefan’s memory was important to protect,” Julie explained. So yeah, while Caroline and Klaus being together would’ve been nice in theory, it just wouldn’t have made much sense to the overall story Julie and her brilliant writers created between the two shows. 

klaus and caroline
The CW

But it’s kind of nice to know that somewhere in an alternate plotline, Klaus and Caroline are living it up together in Paris, living their best lives.

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