You might be surprised to hear that one or two members of the K-pop group TWICE have tattoos! The girl band, who is known for their squeaky clean-image and endless “Fancy” charm, have even spoken about getting matching tattoos. Keep reading to uncover which TWICE members have ink!

Which TWICE Members Have Tattoos?

Of the nine TWICE members, only Chaeyoung has tattoos, and it’s speculated that she has anywhere from 10 to 20 tiny tattoos! Just some of note are tiny tomatoes on her shoulder, the outline of a kiss on her wrist, carrots on the side of her arm and a fish near her elbow. It’s also speculated that she has a sleeve of tattoos on her arm which include birds, a bird cage and more.

Along with that, there have been rumors that Chaeyoung has a pretty large back tattoo! “Petition for chaeyoung to show her back tattoo,” one TWICE fan wrote on Twitter along with a photo of the possible ink.

There aren’t many photos of Chaeyoung’s designs, as tattoos in South Korea are not widely accepted by the general public, so much so that musical artists are prohibited from displaying their ink on TV shows and live broadcasts. If anyone has a tattoo on a broadcast, they are either covered up with makeup, or blurred in post-production. It’s gotten to the point that there is a tattoo ban in the country, which only allows medical professionals to perform the procedure.

Most recently, Cheyoung’s tattoos were on full display for possibly the first time ever during an episode of variety TV show No Prepare, hosted by South Korean rapper Lee Young Ji. One fan commented under the YouTube video, “Chaeyoung’s tattoos are so pretty. I hope to see them more!”

Do Any Members of TWICE Have Tattoos? Uncover the K-Pop Girl Group's Ink, Meanings
YouTube/Do Prepare

Do TWICE Members Have Matching Tattoos?

Back in June 2022, one of the TWICE members, Nayeon, was on a livestream when fans asked if the girls would ever consider getting matching tattoos. “We did talk about it,” the oldest TWICE member replied (translated by Koreaboo).” When listing tattoos ideas of what the members could get, Nayeon suggested something relating to their debut single, “Like Ooh Ahh,” which premiered on October 19, 2015.

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