The One Direction boys always sported lots of tattoos on their bodies, with the exception of Niall Horan, obviously. But Zayn Malik's ink has been something I've always questioned. Justin Bieber and tons of other celebrities fall into this category. You know, the one that's just like, 'what would possess you to ever get that permanently on your skin?' frame of mind, all in reference to the tattoos of their current significant others. But I'm just going to pick on Zayn right now. He was the most recent boy band member turned solo pop star to show off what seems like a brand new tattoo. And it's not just any tattoo. It's a pair of eyes. A pair of eyes and eyebrows that look exactly that Gigi Hadid's. So, my question is, when is he going to learn to stop getting tattoos like this?

As we all know, things went pretty south in a rather dramatic way with Perrie Edwards. The pair was engaged, there were rumors of cheating on Zayn's end, and then they officially broke up after he decided to leave One Direction. It wasn't until months later that she exposed him, saying that he broke off their engagement over the phone. BUT, I DIGRESS, because this is about his tattoo of her. He actually went so far to get Perrie's full face and body on his upper arm. And like, okay, they were engaged and maybe he thought they really had a ~future~ together when he got the ink. But still. You don't get something permanently on your body if there is any bit of doubt in your mind that things may not work.

Of course, celebrity culture is different and getting tattoos of your significant others is more normal than anyone else who would try to do such a thing before they've walked down the aisle. But, even then, you're still a person who has feelings who might have an inkling that this relationship probably isn't going to make it in the long run. Just for reference, we have to look back at the tattoo of Perrie.


That same tattoo is nowhere to be found today. He got it removed after he started dating Gigi. Because what girl wants their boyfriend walking around with a large tattoo of their ex? Literally, no girl I've ever met. So it was removed, and the world noticed after Gigi posted a picture of the "Pillowtalk" singer making food in the kitchen. You'd think he would have learned his lesson this go around. His forearm looks completely shaded in. For anyone who has ever gotten a tattoo, that dark shading is painful AF.


BUT NOPE. Zayn and his love for tattoos are striking again. The attention started from social media yet again because no one pays attention to anything else anymore. Gigi posted a Boomerang of her BAE for his birthday shirtless and dancing nonetheless. Well, he actually had a blazer on, but that was it, so fans got a full glimpse of his bare chest. And might I add, bare chest allegedly with Gigi's eyes plastered across the front. To be honest, it's kind of creepy. I mean, her eyes are really pretty but why? Do these eyes symbolize the fact that she's always watching him? So if he ever tries to cheat on her, the other girl will see Gigi's eyes staring straight at her as soon as Zayn takes his shirt off? Honestly, pretty genius tactic, but we have to ask ourselves yet again: didn't Zayn learn from the last time?

While he seems totally head over heels for Gigi – and as a disclaimer, this isn't trying to discount their relationship at all – they aren't even engaged. Doesn't he think it's a little soon to be making such permanent moves on his body? Does he forget that he had to get Perrie's poor face completely covered? I honestly love Zigi together, but love doesn't always last in the celebrity world. I just really don't understand why Zayn would take the risk of making the same mistake again with his tattoo choices. Can't we just call it a day and see him get something more generic? To each his own, I guess.

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