Ethan and Grayson Dolan have been living it up in London, where they were on hand to attend the 2017 MTV EMAs. Since they are TRL correspondents, it makes perfect sense they were on hand to attend the awards show and they had decided to schedule a meet-up in an attempt to meet some fans. The twins took to Twitter to let those in London know they would be heading to Hyde Park for the meet-up.

Grayson let everyone know that he and his brother wanted everything to go smoothly, so just for fans to keep in mind that they guys just wanted to hang out and say Hi and snapping selfies with everyone most likely wouldn't be able to happen.

He was laying down some ground rules and we can respect that! But then the Dolan Twins found out that when they were planning to hold the meet-up, there was actually a Remembrance Day memorial going on. Ethan and Grayson decided to cancel the event then, since they didn't want to seem disrespectful and had they known what was going on the park that day, they wouldn't have alerted their many loyal fans to meet them there.

The brothers were also concerned with safety since this wasn't an official meet and greet with security in place to keep everything in line and with an unknown number of fans showing up, things definitely could've gotten a bit hectic.

So long story short: the meet-up was over and the guys weren't able to find another spot to go to. But fans were already waiting for them at the park since they made the announcement to cancel 15 minutes before it was supposed to start. Naturally, fans were bummed, but since there were other things going on the park that day, it's totally understandable. Apparently, fans were sharing on Twitter that those who were still there were chanting for the Dolans, although the guys were nowhere in sight, despite the fact that a memorial service was going on. Some fans were even injured, which is always scary.

This whole situation just got messy but hopefully, it's something everyone can learn from. The Dolan Twins are always looking out for their fans and we're sure they'll get around to having a proper meet-up one day with all their fans.

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