Dove Cameron and Cameron Boyce are obviously super close since they are half of the OG villain kids squad from the Descendants movies. These two go way back, having both starred in Disney Channel shows prior to slaying their roles as Mal and Carlos in the DCOMs and as you can imagine, the cast is super close. They’re practically like family. So when Dove stumbled upon a crazy rumor that her dear pal Cam had died, well she just to get to the bottom of it since he’s clearly alive and well!

In a recent interview, the pair was asked about the craziest rumor they’ve ever heard about themselves and while Cam’s was all about how he’s supposedly dating so many of his co-stars and friends (all not true btw), and Dove is possibly a hologram (another LOL one!), they both actually heard a crazy rumor that Cameron was dead. We kid you not.

“There was a rumor that I was dead,” Cameron said with Dove excitedly chiming in saying, “I remember that!” Dove then went on to explain that she did the only logical thing to do when you read something so totally absurd about one of your friends: text it to everyone to have a bit of laugh over.

“I sent the article to our group chat and was like ‘Cam died I guess?’ oh wow, good to know from Twitter. I was like ‘did you die? What happened’ Would you die without telling us like that?” Dove said to Cameron.

OK, now this is just too good. The fact that Dove alerted their Descendants fam’s group chat about this is kind of amazing. Now, clearly, a death hoax story is not cool, but it’s nice to know Cameron found it all just as insane as his friends and Dove did. At least they can all laugh at it! Because we need more moments like these:

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What a squad.

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