After over seven years of appearing on Disney Channel, Cameron Boyce is waving goodbye to his home network – but not before Descendants 3 airs in 2019, that is. The star, who found his way into our hearts by portraying Luke Ross on Jessie, has had a super long career on Disney. He first appeared on the channel in 2011 when he played a small role in an episode of Good Luck Charlie, and now he’s one of the most famous faces of the Disney Channel fam.

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Now that he is getting older, he is ready to take on something new – and he wasted no time. Right as D3 wrapped filming, it was announced that he has an exciting new project in the works. Yep, that’s right, Cam is starring in a new gig. The actor will be portraying a teenage character named Cal in an upcoming indie film Runt.

In 2017, Cameron let it be known that the only thing that would bring him back to Disney Channel was a third Descendants film. And that’s exactly what happened.

“My tenure has been abnormally long for the average Disney kid — most only last three or four years. I’ve been around the Disney Channel for seven years, so this has been on the horizon for a while. And even now I can’t say for sure that I’m out after the uproar from Descendants fans insisting on a Descendants 3, so I could be in for one last ride after all,” Cameron said in an interview.

As for his favorite memory from the past seven years, he can’t really pinpoint just one. Although, one of his most vivid flashbacks is his time spent with his Jessie co-star and IRL best friend Karan Brar. “I’ll never forget the days when Karan and I would have lunch in his dressing room staring at the ceiling talking about our futures,” Cameron said.

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The actor continued, “I’ll never forget during the Descendants parade at Disneyland when I waved at a girl with bright blue hair and witnessed her dream being realized and the involuntary tears that followed. I’ll never forget when Kenny Ortega, the man who wanted me in his movie [Descendants], explained to me that he had worked with Michael Jackson and James Brown and Aretha Franklin and Madonna. I fell on the floor. I didn’t let myself believe it was real for a while. Those are just a few off the top of my head.”

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As for what he’ll miss, he’s not too worried. Turns out, he’ll be taking his favorite parts of Disney wherever he goes.

“At the end of the day I’ll be able to keep everything that I really loved about my time with Disney. The friendships won’t be lost, nor will the free tickets to Disneyland so I really can’t complain.”

Pretty sweet deal, if you ask us!

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