One thing is for sure: Dove Cameron isn't shy about letting the world know who she thinks is hot.

It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, no one is safe from Dove's ever wandering eye. While she did have a relationship with Ryan McCartan that was very much in the spotlight, there are certain others that she has publicly said she's had a crush on. Not to mention, her current boyfriend, Thomas Doherty, has gotten the same treatment. Of course, not all of these crushes will become anything real in Dove's life – even though we would probably bet anything that she hopes they would.

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Everyone from Bella Thorne to Demi Lovato to Zac Efron are all on the list. Dove has made sure she let her fans and hopefully these particular people she just can't stop drooling over know that she's interested.

Let's break it all down proving once and for all that the Descendants 2 star has a crush on legit everyone in the Hollywood social scene.

Bella Thorne


Bella and Dove have a very flirty relationship on Twitter – in real life, we're not so sure. Just the other day Bella tweeted that she'd like to wife Dove up and Dove responded back. Of course, everyone went wild when Dove said Bella should get down on one knee with the literal RING emoji, you guys. THE. DIAMOND. RING. We don't know about you but we're into it.

bella dove

Demi Lovato

demi 1

Again, we don't think Demi and Dove really see each other IRL but the Internet world is always different. When Demi released "Cool For the Summer," Dove was all over it. She literally said she would say yes if Demi asked her to be her girlfriend on the street. Okay, Dove – don't hide your feelings here!


dove 2

Kat McNamara


I mean, is anyone even shocked at this point? Dove told Kat to date her and Kat agreed. Crush number 456975677936411.


Jared Leto


Dove couldn't help but gush over Jared and his performance as The Joker. He probably didn't give her the response she wanted though – meaning he didn't respond at all. LOL. But, now we all know that Dove has the hots for Jared as the Joker. We don't really blame her on this one, either.

jared 1

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Jessica Lowndes


Jessica is an actress from the television show 90210 and Dove has the biggest girl crush on her. I mean, yeah she's beautiful. Do we see a pattern here? Does Dove have more crushes on girls than guys? Hmm…

jessica tweet

Zac Efron

zac efron

Well, who DOESN'T have a crush on Zac? He's literally the hottest Disney Channel star maybe ever. Dove even loved him when he was in Hairspray. Yes, Link was a total bada– and that hair. TO DIE for.

She actually professed her love for Zac in an interview and said, "I had the poster of Hairspray right above my bed. And I had the biggest crush on Zac Efron, of course."

Tyra Banks

tyra banks

Dove is in love with Tyra. We're starting to LOL over this, really.

tyra tweet

Jennette McCurdy


Jennette is a total hottie but Dove actually wasn't the one to start this! Jennette tweeted at Dove first saying she has a crush on her. It was then that Dove responded positively and the Internet freaked out, naturally. I mean can you imagine a Nickelodeon Disney Channel girlfriend couple pair? DREAM COUPLE.


Thomas Doherty


Dove and Thomas are in a full blown relationship now but she gave hints on social media that they were dating before it was officially announced. Not only that but clearly she likes sharing v personal information on Twitter because she already told the world she's in love. And we don't think it's about some random stranger this time.

thomas 1

Dove Cameron


Okay, this might be the best one of all. Dove actually said she has a crush on HERSELF. We can't make this sh-t up. We get what she's saying, you need to love yourself. You need to feel good about yourself before you can love or feel good about anyone else. But, having a little crush on ourselves – can't say that I do Dove, can't say that I do.


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