If you are anything like us over here at J-14, then you have basically been on the edge of your seat ever since word got out about Descendants 2. The highly-anticipated sequel is set to finally air on Disney Channel very soon (July 21, 2017 – to be exact), and we literally cannot wait for that to happen.

Given the fact that the first Descendants film received such an overwhelmingly positive response from fans, making a sequel had to be a total no-brainer. But what if we told you that there could have been a world without Descendants at all? Scary thought, right? Not only would we be living our lives without all the songs we love like “Rotten to the Core,” but we would never be able to experience the songs from the sequel that are about to grace our ears. We would have never even been introduced to Mal, Carlos, Evie and Jay either. So what was the deciding factor that could’ve caused this whole thing to never turn into a reality? Dove Cameron spilled all the deets in a recent interview.

“I was informed by the head of Disney Channel, Gary Marsh, that the reason this project has taken so long was because Disney Corporate had to approve of somebody officially embellishing on the original stories, because that is what we’re doing,” Dove revealed.

Turns out, there could have been a chance that they wouldn’t be allowed to embellish Disney classics – you know, considering the storyline all revolved around the children of Disney Channel icons like the Evil Queen and Princess Belle.

“And that’s why it took so long, because apparently, Disney corporate was like ‘That’s a terrible idea, we don’t want to mess with the original stuff.’ And so [Gary] told me that. He was like, ‘This is the first time that this is ever going to happen.’ I mean, it made me a little bit nervous, but more than anything else, but I was just like ‘That’s the deepest honor.'”

Turns out, fans of the Disney Channel classics were SO not turned off by the idea of “messing” with the original stories. In fact, they were all about it. It is so cool to see how the families of all the evil Disney villains turned out – and honestly, have you EVER heard of someone not loving Descendants?! The answer is no.

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