It looks like Drake Bell might have just totally changed his name! For those who missed it, the Drake & Josh star has become totally famous in Mexico by trying to communicating with fans in Spanish on social media and keeping himself up to date on political happenings in the country. That being said, it was still a total surprise to all his fans when on November 20, the 33-year-old posted a picture that seemingly meant he changed his name to Drake Campana.

When did this all start? Well, on November 9, the actor took to Twitter and started writing tweets solely in Spanish. His social media following in Mexico totally escalated after Drake performed a cover of the song “Cielto Lindo” during the 2019 Telehit Awards on November 13.

Since then, he’s had fans going crazy by responding and reposting their hilarious memes and he even showed his love for the country when he tweeted, “Good morning! I’m in Hawaii but I wish I was in Mexico!”

One comment on his Instagram post read, “Drake para presidente,” which translated to “Drake for president.” There’s even hope that he’ll become nationalized to Mexico and possibly become an actual citizen. Only time will tell!

Drake Bell Changes His Name To Drake Campana

As fans know, this comes just a few months after Drake and his television brother, Josh Peck, totally teased fans with the possibility of rebooting their iconic Nickelodeon seriesDrake & Josh.

On March 13, 2019, photos went viral when the pair met at Viacom building — the home of Nickelodeon‘s parent company — in Los Angeles. This totally sparked rumors of a reunion in the works. Although neither have confirmed anything, fans of the on-screen brothers are hoping that it could be the next classic series that comes back television.

Guess Nickelodeon viewers will just have to settle for the upcoming Zoey 101 reunion instead of hearing the words “hug me brotha,” once again.

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