Anyone who’s seen 13 Reasons Why or even heard something about the Netflix series knows that part of why it’s the show no one can seem to stop talking about is because of it’s subject matter and the incredible actors who bring of it to life. The series tackles tough issues that teens are unfortunately having to deal with, like bullying, depression, sexual assault and suicide. And the show does this all in a super realistic way, unafraid to show audiences how intense these topic actually are. Now, Dylan Minnette, better known as Clay Jensen, just recently opened up in an interview with RAW, conducted by his real-life girlfriend Kerris Dorsey, about the scenes he found toughest to film. It’s legit now what you ever think he would say either. Seriously, it’s the scenes where he had to laugh.

“I always feel really intimidated reading anything I have to do [in a script]. Even though, the worst thing for me, the hardest thing is to laugh. If it says, ‘Clay laughs uncontrollably,’ I’m stressed for the whole couple weeks leading up to filming that scene. It’s impossible for me, I cannot fake laugh no matter what,” Dylan said. “But, funnily enough, Brian Yorkey, the showrunner, I feel like every time I would tell him something that I’m afraid of doing, the next week sure enough that would be in it. Brian just kept challenging me. It was evil, but in a great way because I’ve never had this prominent, this important of a character to play before.”

Can you even imagine that? So all the intense scenes and storylines Dylan can handle like a pro but it’s where he had to genuinely laugh that got him super nervous. Never would’ve guessed that but hey, this character is obviously challenging him in ways he never expected, like making him learn to really perfect his fake laughing skills. It’s sweet that in this interview, it’s the girl who has his heart in real life who got him to spill this truly interesting tidbit. She also got Dyl to spill all about one of the show’s executive producer, a lovely young woman you might know, Selena Gomez. Dylan has no problem saying which of her tunes is his legit jam.

“I got into [Selena’s album] Revival too and my favorite song off of Revival is hands down ‘Me & the Rhythm.’ So underrated. Why wasn’t that song a bigger hit? I mean, maybe it was. I just didn’t know,” Dylan said. “But I remember hearing that song and going, ‘Oh my god this is so good. This beat, and the melody, and the chorus. It’s so catchy.’ I wish I could write a song as catchy as ‘Me & The Rhythm’ by Selena Gomez. That is, I love that song.”

Seriously, can he be any more perfect? Have to agree with him, that song is a tune that makes you just want to get up and dance asap. Dylan is out here stealing hearts and making you just love him, like Clay too.

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