It looks like Dylan O’Brien is completely unbothered by fans attempting to “cancel” him online. Yep, the actor just responded after people got “#DylanOBrienIsOverParty” to trend on Twitter, and he totally laughed it off.

For those who missed it, the hashtag started to pop up on Friday, July 3. But what did the actor do to receive backlash online, you ask? Nothing! Yep, fans just thought it would be fun to fake-cancel him, so they started tweeting completely silly and made up things that he did wrong.

Once the 28-year-old caught wind of the situation, he even joined in on the fun. He replied to fan that claimed he had stepped on their face, but in doing so, they accidentally spelled his name wrong.

I love this trend so much, but God d**nit spell my name right,” the Maze Runner star said.

OK, so Dylan’s hashtag may have been pretend, but people have “canceled” other celebrities in the past, and it was not a joke. For example, when alleged screenshots from Demi Lovato‘s rumored private Instagram account made their way around the web on April 17, 2020, and they contained a lot of shade towards Selena Gomez, some fans were not happy with the singer. The Finsta posts quickly went viral, and “#DemiLovatoIsOverParty” trended on Twitter.

“I’ve been canceled so many times that I can’t even count,” the 27-year-old singer explained to Jameela Jamil on her “I Weigh” podcast. “The hashtag, ‘#DemiIsOverParty,’ that whole thing it’s just, like, it doesn’t even affect me anymore. It’s not real, I don’t think that anybody was ever officially canceled, otherwise certain people wouldn’t have Grammys today, certain people wouldn’t have Oscars and certain people wouldn’t be where they are in their positions.”

The “Confident” songstress urged her fans to start using “forgiveness culture” instead. That is, unless a celebrity has messed up multiple times.

“There are some people, if you have used up your second and third chances with a certain topic, you’re canceled and you should stay canceled,” she added. “But if you mess up and you apologize and come forward and say, ‘I’ve learned from this,’ then let that be an example for other people so they can change too.”

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