As fans are well aware of by now, there’s no holding back when Dylan and his brother Cole Sprouse want to shade one another. They’ll go as far as putting it all out there for fans to see on social media. Take, for example, the Riverdale star’s recently deleted Instagram post, where everyone got to see that Cole’s been channeling Jughead's Serpent mode from the get-go. What fans might not have noticed, since this all happened so quickly, was the LOL-worthy spoiler that Dylan shared in the comments. Luckily, a fan was able to capture it before the post mysteriously disappeared.

The former Suite Life of Zack & Cody star asked his bro, “is this jellybean?” Sadly there was no response. Obviously, everyone knows this isn't the character fans have been dying to see on the show, but it would be hilarious if this throwback was somehow used on the show. Who knows? It could serve as inspiration for the real Jellybean's hairstyle when she does eventually show up.

That caption is just one of the many ways in which Dylan has had some fun at his brother’s expense. Before the hilarious question above, the actor shared a hilarious video on his Instagram Stories where he once again poked some fun at Cole and Jughead. In the super short clip, Dylan is wearing what looks like a crown on his head and proceeds to call his twin bro, “a moody actor.” Shots fired! Except not really. Clearly this back and forth banter is how the two show one another some love.

Of course this all be seen as Dylan’s hilarious retaliation to Cole’s savage remarks about him returning to the acting world – or not. Jokes aside, it does look like Dyl is extremely proud and supportive of his brother, despite Cole admitting once that he didn’t want his twin to watch the hit CW show. Just goes to show, siblings never listen and they clearly know best. How could he not watch his brother slay the screen week after week on Riverdale?

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