It's pretty well known that Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran like to have a good time together. But, the former One Direction heartthrob confirmed our suspicions and told a very detailed story about the night he and Ed went to a pub in San Francisco. The whole thing went down just recently when the pair were playing at a Jingle Ball show in San Jose. Of course, they wanted to let loose afterward which is when things got a bit out of hand. Nialler made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and shared the hilarious story.

He said, "We decide before we get on the bus, probably because Ed has ginger hair but we decide we're going to have Irish night on the bus. It turns out that Ed knows more about Ireland than all of us put together and all of us are Irish. So, we're going along just leaving the venue and some car pulls out in front of our bus and we're all there having beers listening to these jiggy Irish songs. And then some car pulls in front of us and we can't see through the windows so our bus just goes (sound) – slams on its breaks. I go flying and we're all laying on top of each other. It's weird."

Side note: can we just take a second to process this. Niall babe and perfect Ed almost got into a car accident?! That's some scary stuff. Obviously, they were all okay except for Ed's clothing, which the "Slow Hands" singer continued to explain about.

He said, "I hit my nose off the top of a bottle of beer, very aggressive, very aggressive. Beer absolutely everywhere. So Ed was like, 'Alright well I've got nothing to wear, have you got anything I could wear?' So luckily we're on my tour bus so I go back down to the back of the tour bus, my suitcase is on my bed, on my bunk. So he starts trying on my jackets and you know Ed's about my height but he's just a little bit broader in the shoulders so nothing would fit him. And he goes 'What's that?' I was at a Boston Bruins hockey game about three weeks previous and they gave me a Boston Bruins home shirt with Horan number 17 on the back of it and that was the only thing that Ed could wear. So when end up going to the pub, as if we weren't recognizable enough."

Seriously, the two most recognizable faces on the planet right now are drawing even more attention to themselves by wearing a 'Horan' jersey. Very smooth, guys, very smooth. The only thing we truly gain from this story is the fact that Niall and Ed now share clothes and it's a dream come true. We ship this Ned friendship so much!

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