This reunion is seriously what dreams are made of. Niall Horan and Liam Payne hung out together in a hotel room like old times and we’re going absolutely insane over it. Back when One Direction was still a thing, the boys said time and time again that they entertained themselves in hotel rooms in each city they stopped at while on tour. The masses of fans that waited outside to get a glimpse of them made it impossible to go outside. Niall has mentioned in the past that even though he’s been to so many places around the world, he’s never really gotten a chance to see them. Hotel rooms have become like home to the guys.

And that’s exactly where Liam and Niall were last night! Because they aren’t ~normal~ people they can’t really go anywhere in public without it being a huge commotion. So, laying around the room with golf playing on the television is the best it’s going to get. The pair are both performing their solo songs on the 2017 Jingle Ball tour this holiday season so we have a feeling Directioners are going to see a lot more of the boys together.

Niall posted a boomerang video of Liam on his Instagram story and he legitimately couldn’t look any hotter. THAT SMILE. Ugh, really, we’re giving a slow clap to Liam’s gene pool over here. Niall didn’t caption the vid, but there’s really no caption necessary except maybe ‘THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN.’ Kidding. Liam is holding a controller in his hand which also means they probably were playing video games, too. V boy thing to do.

BABY, YOU’RE PERFECT. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself here. But, really, he is. And the perfectness didn’t end there. Liam posted his own video on Snapchat that gives fans a peek at Niall’s adorable face sitting at the edge of the bed. Liam captioned the footage, “It’s getting tense on Roy Mcilroy @niallhoran.” So, they had officially moved on from the video game playing. To be honest, we kind of can’t get over how normal these two are. Just best pals hanging out watching some golf. You’d never expect that some of the world’s most famous faces act exactly like us.

Liam chatted with Entertainment Tonight about how it feels to be back chilling with Nialler. He said, “I mean we played a bit of Playstation yesterday in my hotel room in San Jose. He came and hung out for a little bit, but it’s just so nice to see him. I don’t know, when you see someone you haven’t seen for ages. you become the same person that you were with them. I don’t know, it’s very interesting.” Aww! So basically, he’s saying nothing has changed between them. No matter how long they go without seeing each other in person, when it finally does happen, it feels like no time has gone by. Directioners should definitely feel a sense of relief over this.

Here’s to hoping that these hang out sessions continue. Now that fans have seen the reunion and the boys back in the same room together, there’s no way they are going to want to lose that again. Plus, it’s more fun to drool over two guys rather than just one.

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