Emma Chamberlain has become a Met Gala staple at this point. As Vogue‘s special correspondent on the red carpet since 2021, the YouTuber-turned-mega star has conducted some of the most hilarious and iconic interviews at the event with the biggest celebrities in the world. Keep reading to see all of Emma’s Met Gala looks over the years.

Since starting her career on YouTube in 2016, Emma has slowly transitioned into the fashion world, becoming a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton and interviewing celebrities for the Met Gala since 2021. She’s been crowned an “It Girl” for years, certified by the likes of Vogue, V Magazine and luxury brand LV.

Emma has spoken out about making her mark in the fashion world, noting that she understands why influencers such as herself aren’t accepted within the industry just yet.

“The fashion world itself has been around forever and influencers and digital celebrities are very new and haven’t necessarily earned their stripes yet,” she told V Magazine in June 2021. “I think some people are not ready to accept it as a new form of celebrity, which I totally understand because it’s like mixing something new with something classic and it can feel wrong.”

However, the Chamberlain Coffee owner explained that “the world of fashion and fame” must change in order to “evolve.”

“When people were questioning my entrance into it, it was kind of scary, but at the same time, I understood where they’re coming from,” Emma continued. “My only hope is that people will accept me into it and let me be a part of it.”

Emma went viral at the 2022 Met Gala after she interviewed Jack Harlow on the red carpet. After the Vogue interview, Jack jokingly said, “Love you, bye!” to which she responded with a “Love ya!” after turning to the camera and laughing, as if she couldn’t believe she just told that to the “First Class” rapper. TikTok immediately went viral over the clip, and their interview has since accumulated over 4 million views on Vogue‘s YouTube channel. An “It Girl” indeed.

Scroll through the gallery below for all of Emma’s looks at the Met Galas she’s attended since 2021.

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