Is Emma Chamberlain dating Role Model? The YouTube star first sparked dating rumors with the musician — whose real name is Tucker Pillsbury — in early 2020. Keep reading for details inside their relationship.

Are Emma Chamberlain and Role Model Dating?

The couple “hard launched” their relationship in a GQ interview which was posted on Valentine’s Day in 2023. This was a huge shock to fans since the two had previously kept their romance under wraps.

“We have a very just unproblematic, safe, private — when we want to be private — relationship,” Tucker told the outlet. “We’re never going to be posting photos and selfies of us on a beach in Cabo.”

On top of that, Emma has mentioned multiple times that she wasn’t sure if she would “ever” get into a public relationship. Looks like she has since changed her tune!

“[I don’t show] very personal details of my life that are rapidly changing,” she told W Magazine in June 2019. “For example, I don’t like to give too many details on very, very personal aspects of my relationships with my family or friends. I don’t like to show too much of that. There’s a line for me, and I like to keep things very light, nothing serious.”

At the time, Emma continued: “I don’t know if I would ever have a public relationship, ever. And this is not coming from experience in any way; this is coming from morals. I’m speaking from what would feel right. Breakups alone are absolutely the most f–king awful thing that exist. Why would you want other people to be heartbroken with you? I can’t imagine that. And also, I don’t like seeing other people’s relationships. It’s boring, and it’s gross.”

When Did Emma Chamberlain and Role Model Start Dating?

Dating rumors first swirled between the two in August 2020, when a photographer asked Emma if she’d ever date a fan. “I’m not a cheater,” she replied, confirming that she was, indeed, in a relationship. From there, fans went into a frenzy trying to figure out who her secret boyfriend was, and they landed on the “Blind” musician.

At the time, one fan pointed out that the social media star was spotted hanging with Tucker a lot. Plus, both of her parents started following him on Instagram!

The vlogger was last romantically linked to Ethan Dolan and Aaron Hull in the past, but never spoke publicly about either reported relationship. That’s why, when she and Role Model started sharing snippets into their personal life, fans were shook.

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