Booked and busy! Emma Chamberlain might have taken a (well-deserved) break from YouTube, but the internet personality is still killing it in her career.

“I started out simply making YouTube videos and that was it. But since then, I’ve definitely explored other categories. I’m doing a weekly podcast now; It’s probably the thing I’m working the hardest at this point. It’s just one of my favorite ways to communicate right now,” Emma told Cosmopolitan in June 2023. “I’m doing a lot more things on the backend, I would say. Even, for example, my brand Chamberlain Coffee. I’m working on that constantly, on a daily basis, but it’s not like I’m necessarily sharing that or it’s something that’s public knowledge. It’s just something that’s done and hopefully felt through the brand.”

When it comes to YouTube, specifically, there’s a reason she decided to take a break.


“The pressure to be a weekly YouTuber, 365 days a year, is unrealistic, yet it’s the standard,” Emma explained during a March 2023 episode of her “Anything Goes” podcast, announcing a six-month hiatus. “It is the standard that YouTubers hold themselves to but yet it is an impossible thing to keep up mentally.”

While she’s still making videos, there are no regular uploads or scheduled videos in sight. In the past, the businesswoman often shared snippets of her life with fans, but daily vlogs are a thing of the past. Now, she’s focusing on other aspects of her career.

“I really enjoy being able to get my hands dirty, like getting in there and doing it myself and telling a story myself,” she explained to Variety in May 2023. “I think at times it can be easy to say, ‘OK, well, I have X amount of followers here, so I can go and do this.’ But to me, I would never want to do that unless I felt like I had truly worked hard enough to get there.”

However, her one passion project is her “Anything Goes” podcast, with which she has an exclusive deal with Spotify to stream the weekly show.

“I feel like with podcasting, that was something I worked really hard at and I did a lot of research on and really worked on getting good at so that I could feel like I was adding something to that space in a way,” Emma explained to Variety about what’s next for her. “But with something like movies, I don’t really have anything to add there right now.”

Between her Chamberlain Coffee company and newly announced collaboration with Canon as the face of the brand, it seems like Emma has done it all. Scroll through our gallery to uncover all of Emma’s projects since her YouTube break. 

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