In a personal new video, Ethan Dolan got real with his 11 million YouTube subscribers and shared his acne struggles from start to finish. In the 35-minute video, Grayson stayed behind the camera and let his brother open up about the self confidence issues that he suffered with over the past six months due to his breakouts.

During one meaningful clip, the internet star read hate tweets about his face and showed how far he’s come. Instead of letting the negative messages affect him like they used to, the 20-year-old told fans he can’t believe the comments “used to get me down.”

“Every single one of these [messages] would have made me more insecure back in the day. When I was going through it. When I was at the low point,” Ethan explained. “Right now, I’m literally having fun with it. That is something that I never thought I’d be able to say.”


So, how did Ethan overcome his insecurities and acne struggles? Well, the YouTuber broke it all down and explained that he tried tons of medication and creams prescribed by a dermatologist, and even decided to go on a three-month long YouTube break in order to deal with everything out of the public eye.

“I was hiding from the part of my brain that was like ‘what are you going to do now?'” he said, about the three-month period that he took off. “I definitely hit rock bottom. Self-image, self-confidence wise, rock bottom.”

Then, he started to leave the house and get comfortable with himself again. Ethan also shared his thought process behind speaking out about his “severe” acne struggles and posting his “vulnerable side” with social media followers. For those who missed it, he posted an unedited photo of his scars alongside a meaningful caption showcasing his journey and thanking for sharing their stories with him, which ultimately helped him get over his insecurities.

The Dolan Twins concluded their heartfelt video with Ethan saying, “Thank you guys for listening to my story. It was tough to say because I wanted to remember everything and I wanted to be as real as possible and when the camera’s on sometimes it’s hard to get vulnerable. I hope I was able to show you guys who the real me really is and drop that guard I’ve had up for the past six months.

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