Eva Gutowski‘s car was totaled this week, and it is all because another person on the road was texting and driving. Thankfully, Eva came out of the incident unscathed because it appears her car was parked without anyone in it – but the other driver very sadly ended up in the hospital. Eva took to social media to share photos of the damage the accident caused to her white Porsche, and it looks quite messy. As if we need another reason not to text and drive, right?

“Awesome just came home to my car being totaled!” Eva wrote in a series of tweets. “This. Is why. You don’t. TEXT AND DRIVE PEOPLE. A woman hit a car while texting, tried to swerve away and ended up hitting my car, bouncing off the top of it and going through the windshield. She’s in the hospital. I’m not mad about my car, this will pass. don’t TEXT AND DRIVE.”

This wasn’t even the first time Eva experienced an incident caused by another driver texting on the road. The YouTuber went on to share that this was the second accident she’s been in due to texting and driving in the past four months. Of course, she was never the one texting and driving in the situation – as some people misunderstood. This all happened right before Eva attended Variety‘s Annual Power of Young Hollywood event.

“Second accident I’ve been in due to texting and driving in 4 months. The grim reaper wants me,” Eva continued to say on social media. “To clarity, i don’t text and drive. I’ve been hit twice by people from texting and driving. ? this tweet is confusing.” 

Yikes! You hate to see such a terrible accident occur from careless behavior on the road. Let this be a lesson for us all to never pick up that phone while behind the wheel. 

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