RIP, old YouTube. Eva Gutowski and Sierra Furtado are here to tell you that their previous ways of doing things are far behind them. Wait, hold up – old YouTube? Yeah, so let us explain – what they’re referring to is filming in a style that basically portrays YouTubers as these perfect humans (er, robots as they describe it) who always film with an aestheically pleasing background and speak oh-so-properly. And when it comes down to it, they’re just humans who want to put out authentic, fun content without acting like people they’re just not.

“We basically like grew up on YouTube during the perfect ages, you know?” Eva said in a video she posted. “Here’s the thing. When we started YouTube, like you weren’t allowed to cuss on camera.”

Sierra chimed in, “It had to be on a steady cam – perfect, saturated, smooth, just perfect editing.”

eva gutowski sierra furtado

YouTube: MyLifeAsEva

Eva and Sierra went on to explain how YouTubers have even adopted the “vlog voice,” and how frankly, that’s just not how they talk in real life. But don’t get the girls wrong. They want you to know they’ve always been real with their subscribers. It’s just that they were portrayed in such a “perfect” way. And now they’re waving goodbye to that life.

“We were always real. We were just real, packaged in a bow. And now we’re going to be real, packaged in like a garbage can.”

LOL, OK – Eva and Sierra’s content is the opposite of trash. But still, we get what they’re trying to say! It looks like there is some seriously raw content from the web stars ahead. We cannot wait to see what’s in store!

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