Eva Gutowski and Brent Rivera are spilling all the tea we ever wanted to know about their relationship. In a video titled, “Confronting My Crush, Brent Rivera,” Eva sat down with Brent to extensively discuss their relationship without holding back. You see, Eva felt some type of way towards Brent for a while – and from her perspective, he totally flirted back and led her on for a while. However, he doesn’t see it that way. So here’s what we learned about #Breva from the stars’ tell-all video. Ready, go!

They started out as normal friends. 

Eva explained in the video that she once saw a psychic, who told her that she’d be with a guy who wasn’t good for her (Alex Hayes) and that her soulmate is one of her friends (Brent) – but her friend wouldn’t be ready to date her for a few more years. Eva said this definitely got in her head – but also, Brent definitely flirted back (even though he claimed he didn’t). 

Brent was protective over Eva.

Eva and her ex-boyfriend Alex Hayes had a rocky relationship, and Eva explained all about how Brent was always against that relationship and protected her throughout all the drama.

“When we filmed the ‘if my life was an emotional teen movie’ video, I was at the time dating Alex. Brent gets in the car – you didn’t get shotgun. You sat in the back seat of my car, and then the whole time we were driving to the park, every time you would say something I would look in the rearview mirror and you would be death staring me and him. Anytime anything would come out of his mouth, you looked at me like, ‘Why are you with this person?’ Like you gave me that look,” Eva explained.

While Brent claims he totally didn’t do that, Eva brought up a couple more points that just can’t be denied. One time, Eva and Alex had a fight at a restaurant called McCormick & Schmick’s. This was around the same time Drake’s song came out with the lyric, “Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake [Factory]? Soon after, Eva used a variation of that Drake lyric as the caption of one of her pics with Alex. So what did Brent do? He made a dig at Alex by commenting, “What about McCormick & Schmick’s?” THE SHADE THO.

Brent led her on.

One time when they were hanging out and Eva left his house late at night, Brent texted her that he should’ve kissed her. Yeah, major flirt alert. You can’t deny this one, Brent!

He admitted, “This was one of the only moments in this friendship, I questioned what’s going on – with me, if something is like a little bit more unattainable, I’ll go for it a little more because I know it’s not going to happen… that night, there was no chance of her coming back, right? My outlook on it is like now that she’s not coming back, let me take a risk. It was late at night.”

From texting another girl in front of Eva at Disneyland to bailing on movie plans, Eva recalled multiple times Brent really built her up only to let her down. Brent totally owned up to it all, too.

“Eva, like I’ve experienced that myself now. So I feel like I would never do something like that again,” he said.

Brent’s friends encouraged them to date.

“One time we were at Disneyland with your friends, and your friends were like vlogging us. And they were like, ‘When are you gonna kiss?! Finally kiss guys!'” she spilled.

Brent confirmed, “Mark really, really wanted me to date you.”

They both cried about their relationship.

Eventually, Eva just had it and broke down crying to Brent expressing that she’d wish he’d just stop leading her on if he didn’t feel the same way about her. And sure enough, Brent started crying too – telling her that he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.

“I know that I led you on, and I know that it was my fault that you were crying. And that’s why I felt bad because you were my friend,” Brent explained in the video. “You never want to see your friend cry, and when it’s because of you that hurts even more.”

And now, they’ve moved on.

Eva and Brent will always be friends, but it’s safe to say you won’t see them date each other. Eva is in a happy relationship with boyfriend Adam Bartoshesky, and Brent is living that single life.

Eva shared on Instagram, “Brent, I’m so glad we got to grow up a little bit together, even if it got crazy sometimes (my fault and yours). I can’t wait to see you continue to mature into Brent 2.0 and 4.0 and 100.0. You truly are one of my favorite people to spend all day with doing nothing. If we’ve made it through the last 4 years, think we’ll be friends forever. Love (in a frienship way) your friend, friend Eva.”

So there you have it – the story of #Breva.

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