Are Eva Gutowski and Brent Rivera dating? That seems to be the question on everyones minds lately. The YouTubers are constantly posting PDA-filled photos on social media, appearing in each other’s YouTube videos and flirting nonstop, so it’s only natural that fans are wondering what’s going on between them.

Well guys, J-14 caught up with Eva at the American Heart Association Red Dress event on February 7, 2020, and she spilled all the tea on their relationship once and for all. So can we officially start shipping #Breva? After years of heartbreak, jealousy and flirting, are their Instagram posts the confirmation we’ve all been waiting for? Well, it’s actually a little complicated.

“Brent and I — it’s complicated. It’s been complicated forever. It’s so funny because everyone’s always like, ‘Eva, what’s going on with you and Brent? Are you just friends?’ You can ask us both and we genuinely do not even know,” she explained exclusively to J-14. “We just love each other so much and we know we’re going to be in each other’s lives forever. We’re just having fun being together.”

The brunette beauty explained that they don’t want to make things official because they’re scared it may ruin their friendship if things were to go wrong.

“If you watch the videos we’ve made, we’ve talked about how we were really nervous to not be friends after, if we were to breakup or something,” she added. “I think we both understand that we’re such close friends, no matter what we’ll always be together.”

Eva also spilled on her favorite thing about Brent and what they like to do together, and it could not have been any cuter.

“He’s my favorite person to literally do nothing with. It’s just so fun,” she gushed. “With Brent, there’s always like 20 people at his house, and when everyone goes home and it’s like midnight, we just sit and watch Netflix and are on our phones together. It’s so fun to literally do nothing with Brent.”

But just wait until you guys hear her first impression of him.

“It’s so funny because I feel like I didn’t pay him any attention at first. We were friends, but I saw him as my little brother until two years after we knew each other,” she said.

As J-14 readers know, fans have been speculating that the two YouTubers were dating for a quite some time now. But Eva revealed in a tell-all YouTube video in 21018 that despite their major flirting, they were unfortunately not a couple. She explained that although she did have a crush on Brent for a long time, he didn’t feel the same way. And she even accused the cutie of totally leading her on. Yikes!

But it didn’t end there. In February 2019, the 22-year-old admitted in a YouTube video of his own that he did start to develop feelings for Eva. He revealed that they even gave their relationship a go once and for all, only to breakup a few weeks later when Eva was caught flirting with another guy!

Yeah, it’s definitely been a long and complicated journey for the pair. And in case you forgot, here’s everything that’s gone down between them. Scroll through our gallery for a complete timeline of Eva and Brent’s complicated and confusing relationship.

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