YouTube star Eva Gutowski isn’t shy when it comes to talking about her model boyfriend Adam Bartoshesky. And to be honest, we wouldn’t be either. He’s super adorable and treats her like an absolute princess. The pair is seriously #RELATIONSHIPGOALS on social media and when she came by the J-14 offices to chat she couldn’t stop smiling at the thought of him.

She talked to J-14 EXCLUSIVELY about how the two met and why she’s now thanking her ex-boyfriends. Eva revealed that she and Adam actually started hanging out a whole year before they got together romantically and it was all because she was super hungry!


LOL, yes, you read that correctly. Eva said she never thought he would even look her way because he was too busy hanging out with models but when she texted him to get food, he replied! She said, “One day randomly, I was really hungry and I texted five people in my contacts I was like, ‘Oh wanna get food? Wanna get food?’ And he was the only person that responded. So, I was like, ‘Okay welp, I guess I’m just going to have to get food with this guy.'”

It turns out the rest is history. She realized what an amazing and funny person he was – nothing like she expected by just looking at his Instagram photos. Their story is seriously so cute. But, then we got into some more serious stuff.

We asked Eva if this relationship feels different than the rest of the relationships she’s had in the past. She said it definitely does because now she’s asking herself if he is the one she’s going to marry! Ahh, okay so this means they are pretty serious.


Eva explained, “It definitely feels different than previous relationships, but I think, it’s like so funny cause now that I’m with my boyfriend it’s like I’ve learned so much from all the past relationships. Even if they were like really good and nothing ended weird like everything, you just learn from it so much. And now I have Adam and it’s really crazy cause it’s like, is this THE ONE?! But yeah, so thanks to all the guys that I dated!”

No freaking, WAY. We love how candid she got. Ever since Eva and Adam went public with their relationship, it seems like they are inseparable. One week ago she posted this photo of the duo on Instagram with the caption, “Just da two of us ?.”

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Just da two of us 💐

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And Adam isn’t afraid to show just how awesome he thinks Eva is either! He posted this photo of her on Instagram with the caption, “Girls rule ~ especially this one. ?.”

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Girls rule ~ especially this one. 💙

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Okay, we’re literally swooning over here. No wonder Eva is thinking about a future with Adam! Only time will tell if he really is THE ONE but until then they are just having the time of their lives together.


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