If you’re a stan, then you know things can get weird when it comes to getting close to your favorite stars. From paying exponential amounts of money on concert tickets to waiting in super long lines for meet and greets, a true fan’s passion knows no bounds.

Picture this: You’re at an Ariana Grande show — front row. You’ll do anything to get her attention, whether that means holding up a expertly crafted poster or screaming “I love you” until you’re lungs give out. But some fans take it to another level — a level we wouldn’t quite recommend, to be perfectly honest. They start throwing things. Strange things.

From food to bras to water bottles, some of your absolute favorite stars have been hit with some pretty weird objects on stage. While sometimes it’s all in good fun, getting an object hurled at you can be dangerous and scary for a musician! Regardless, it happens quite often — so we’re rounding up some of the most obscure things fans have tossed at celebs on stage. Scroll through the gallery to check it out!

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