Saying Miley Cyrus has changed since her Disney days is putting it lightly. Starting from her Hannah Montana days, the singer has gone through so many transformations and you can say each era came in like a “Wrecking Ball”!

“I feel really kind of far away from that person,” Miley told Harper’s Bazaar in June 2017, about her experience working on the Disney Channel. “I just want people to see that this is who I am right now. I’m not saying I’ve never been myself. Who I was on the last record was really who I am. It’s just myself has been a lot of different people because I change a lot.”

She told the outlet that growing up in the public eye was an overwhelming experience, despite coming from a household with one famous musician vet already in it: her country superstar dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. “There’s so much I don’t remember about being a child entertainer because it was so much to keep in my brain,” she recalled. “It’s like anything when you are in it. I didn’t realize how much pressure I was under and how that shaped me until, like, this year.”

She also spoke about how hypocritical the public was during her “Wrecking Ball” era, while not batting an eye during her Hannah Montana years. “People were so shocked by some of the things that I did,” she said. “It should be more shocking that when I was 11 or 12, I was put in full hair and makeup, a wig, and told what to wear by a group of mostly older men.”

In an interview with Vogue in June 2021, Miley spoke about what fashion means to her. “Fashion to me is kind of flipping yourself inside out. It’s like wearing your heart, wearing your guts, wearing your values, wearing your identity, wearing your pain, wearing your joy,” she explained.

“There’s something kind of childlike [about it]. You’re so fearless when you get yourself dressed when you’re a kid. You don’t think about what someone will think of you or what they’ll judge. It’s just about expression and how you feel that day. There’s a fearlessness. And so when I get dressed, I try to kind of think like my inner child and be genuine and authentic in whatever I’m wearing.”

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