It’s no question that JoJo Siwa has taken inspiration from Miley Cyrus in her new music era, but listeners of her latest track “Karma” think that the record may be an old song of the former Disney star.

Keep reading to find out why fans think JoJo’s latest track once belonged to Miley. 

After JoJo dropped her latest single in April 2024, fans were quick to point out that it reminded them of the Hannah Montana star when she was going through her 2013 Bangerz musical era.

The first to propose the theory was @adamtheflop on TikTok, and he came with some receipts. According to Adam, Miley seemingly hinted at a new song called “Karma” back in 2012, while having a conversation with Rock Mafia (producer of Miley’s 2010 song “Can’t Be Tamed”) and Timbaland on Twitter.

In her public message, she wrote “Don’t forget me bitch,” to which Rock replied with #karmasabitch.

Not only that, the TikTok user explained that if you check who is listed under the song’s musical credits, Rock is listed as the producer and writer, alongside Antonia Armato – who wrote for many Disney stars back in the day, including Miley.

To conclude his point, Adam claimed that Miley refrained from dropping the song because it had the word “bitch” in it, which would’ve been turned down by Disney Channel, who she was under contract with, at the time.

JoJo has yet to respond to the theory, however, she has revealed that her rebrand is definitely inspired by Miley’s Bangerz era.

“This is what I want. [Miley] is my number one idol. I want to do what she did with Bangerz. I want to have that moment. I’m flattered that the world even can compare [it to] that,” she told Access Hollywood at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

The Dance Moms alum further added, “Miley’s switch, Miley’s flip, Miley’s turn was the greatest thing that I have witnessed with my own two eyes.”

JoJo’s transition into adulthood has been met with some criticism, but the singer says she’s being supported behind-the-scenes. When speaking on the “Viall Files” podcast in April 2024, the songstress revealed that Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Miley have been “so supportive” of her new era.

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