YouTube star Gabi DeMartino issued an apology on Sunday, September 20, after receiving backlash from fans for an “insensitive” TikTok video in which she compared her weekly spending habits to a friend’s.

“I’d like to say I’m sorry for my Income Challenge video I made with my friend Alex [Byrd]. It was extremely insensitive,” the influencer, 25, wrote in her TikTok apology video. “For those who didn’t see it, I was shopping with my best friend and she’s been teaching me how to budget. I thought it would be interesting to display how income doesn’t matter when it comes to friends. A healthy female relationship-type video.”

The since-deleted clip showed Gabi and Alex sitting next to each other in the car while sharing how much they spend in a week on expenses. Alex, who said she works as a secretary, revealed that she spends $50 to $100 a week while Gabi said, “around $9,000.”

After posting the TikTok video, Gabi received backlash from fans who said she “wanted to flex how much money she has.” Others said the entire thing was “tone-deaf.”

In her apology, the internet star said they “didn’t put much thought into the video” before uploading it.

“The way it was delivered was horrible,” Gabi said while apologizing to her millions of TikTok followers. “I’m sorry I hurt you guys, and Alex, I’m sorry to you as well even though you said you weren’t bothered. You live and you learn. I’m very, very sorry!”

Gabi’s apology came about a month after addressing the constant hate she receives from fans after detailing her recent plastic surgery procedures.

“I don’t care if you guys don’t like me or you want to say something bad,” Gabi explained in an emotional video uploaded on August 3. “But when every comment is telling me how ugly I’ve gotten, or how ugly I am and there’s multiple likes on those comments then I’m going to go to bed thinking, ‘Well, maybe I am ugly.’”

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